Audrey Hepburn said that once she put on a silk scarf

  Audrey Hepburn said that once she put on a silk scarf, she was sure she was a charming woman and she had never had this Metal spinning feeling before. When such a beauty was standing on the high steps of the church, with her scarf tied casually around her neck, everything in nature seemed to be dancing for her and the world looked like in the beautiful spring.

  Silk scarf is a revival of traditional culture, and meanwhile, a leader of the fashion trends. In other words, it is a combination of the old and the new.

  Dating back to the middle of the 1500s, Egyptians used a piece of cloth to protect them from the coldness, which is believed to be the origin of the silk scarves. From the 1600s to the 1700s, people especially women from the upper class decorated their dressing with scarves. However, that was a previlege of the royal family. It was not until the 1900s that silk scarves became really popular among most women besides the upper class. History keeps developing, and so do silk scarves. In the 21st century, the revolution of silk scarves is still going on and it has become a part of culture. It represents the history of fashin trend and makes woman more mysterious just like the the history of scarves.

  Scarves have various styles with enormous patterns. It needs designing, matching colours, printing, colouring, hemming and other procedures in making a sacrf and costs a long time. Apart from the lone time it needs, it also requires checkup. For example, artists have to check the colour to make sure it's the same as that of the sample.

  Silk sacrf is a leader of fashion trends now. In summer, it is like breeze, blowing away your anxiety and hotness. It works like your intimate partner. Once you put it on, it will try its best to serve you and make you a woman as tender as water. Someone may conceive of it just as a piece of cloth. But as long as you know how to match it with your dreesing, it will creat a different feeling. If you are a lovely person, you may as well choose a short scarf with light color like pink and blue. On the contrary, if you want to look mature, you are suggested a longer scarf with color like white, brown and grey.

  Silk scarves, wave around your neck, as thin as cicada's wings and as light as the wind. It looks like a dancer who is spinning, hopping and smiling.